Mopping the floor

This is the view from Ogilvie Transportation Center looking east through the second-floor bridge to Two North Riverside Plaza. Thousands of people cross over Canal Street in either direction each day, but most don’t know about it and head down to Madison Street to make the crossing instead. It doesn’t matter much, but the bridge does save you a traffic light half the time.

When I cross through here in the middle of the day the floor is glazed with this flat, scratchy dust from so many shoes scraping the hallway. When I return at night it is polished clean by this man in the shot. They have to wash it constantly otherwise it would probably end up ground to a pock-marked mess in less than half them time that you wear out a marble floor. I imagine it gets redundant wiping out the dust on a nightly basis. The man is stopped, locked into the glow of his smartphone with about half the job done. I guess he has all night.
Mopping the floor
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