Cold news

Today was the day, two years ago, that we endured two feet of snow. After digging out for a few hours and reaching the train station just a mile away, I ended up waiting maybe 90 minutes for the next one to arrive. It went so slow that I got off at the first stop and walked home in freezing cold temps. I’ll never forget the hoard of people at the train station complaining about the delayed train. Why complain? The event outweighed the nuisance. I got sick of hearing them moan and went outside to take photos of anything overwhelmed by the storm. The newspaper boxes worked well.

It’s snowing outside my home right now as I write this. I was at the library tonight working on a project (yes, Friday night) and by the time I had finished it was really coming down. That was about two hours ago and it’s still falling. This will be our most significant accumulation in more than a year, I believe.
Cold news
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2 Comments to “Cold news”

  1. Love this! Well done! Have a great weekend! Robyn

    • Thanks, Robyn. There’s another one I’ll eventually dig out of three different boxes of newspapers. You can really see the mound of snow in that one. I’ll post it sooner than later, I think. It’s snowing here again at this very moment. Maybe I’ll have a new mound to shoot tomorrow… or is that today?

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