Ice drip

I’ve been really busy the past couple of days processing photos for a client and with other rigors of life. I feel like I’ve hardly had time to do any blogging or scope out twitter/Facebook/Google+ for the happenings in the world of photography, etc. I guess that isn’t really the runaround; those things, and the things I’ve been getting done, are fairly sedentary by nature. Word choice, it is everything.

We suffered a slushy ice storm this afternoon which got me thinking of this old photo I took two years ago. I shot this icicle probably 75 times before getting it right. It took two hours. There wasn’t a whole lot to it other than getting right underneath, but in standing directly below the end of it the drip falls onto your lens. Then there’s cleanup. During cleanup other drips slide down to the tip and either fall off or freeze (yes, I realize I’m explaining how an icicle forms and you know this, but there’s a point), and this causes changes to composition due to the changing nature of the icicle.

This stelactite of ice was in perfect position with the sky, the background and the sun, so I either had to whack off the end of it and wait for the hook to reform or I had to hope that after others smoothed out the crag still others would reinvent the bump you see in the photo. After deliberating for a while I decided nature should prevail, and so I allowed the ice to decide the photo’s fate. Does that make sense? I didn’t think so, but this is the result… pretty, albeit a bit noisy.
Ice drip
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