Sideways train

This thing flew by at a good clip despite heading into a station a couple hundred feet behind me. There’s a stretch of L track between a few of the loop destinations on the blue line where you can just as easily walk the platform to the next stop as you can ride a train. I’ve taken advantage of this a couple of times while waiting for delayed trains. If you skip ahead to the previous stop you stand a chance at avoiding an overcrowded car. Every once in a while I’ll jump on a train going the opposite direction for a couple of stops just to beat a crowd. I like getting an angle on a situation.
Sideways train
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6 Comments to “Sideways train”

  1. Absolutely incredible. This looks futuristic. I love the colors, the movement, and perhaps most of all the angle you shot this. I think that’s what really gives it that other-worldly feel.

    • Thank you, Taylor. Very kind words from a person like yourself with an eclectic eye for detail. I left the train a bit hollowed out so you get this view both of it and through it. I think that’s part of that otherworldly effect.

  2. I love how the reflection from the train makes the train seem as if it is opaque, like a liquid train rolling down to the stop. Nice image.

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