Chicago Temple – praying for warmth

Strange that I’ve talked more about myself in recent days and attempted to make some new connections online and suddenly I see small increases in followers all over the place. That’s cool. I’m happy to have new people around to visit and share in some mostly Chicago-based photography. I welcome anyone without agenda – or at least without obvious agenda. It’s nice to share in stuff that is fun to make on a daily basis.

When I woke this morning around 7:15 my phone told me it was -2 outside. I can’t remember hitting negative digits in the past two years, but this was no surprise. After Monday’s frigid single digit weather it was quite possible. On Monday I stopped on my eight-block walk to work at the Chicago Temple, because I was freezing! To my surprise only one other person was doing the same. I think the man was homeless. When I said hi, he huddled up even more than he already was. I decided to shoot the place as quickly as possible. I had just 20 minutes to spare. Right in the middle of the shoot, when I noticed the room actually has no middle (it isn’t symmetrical… look closely and you can tell by the rafters, the alter and the pews… it’s kind of odd that way), a guy brushed past me in the back doorway and walked up to pray in front of the alter.

I assumed he was asking for warmth, because it had been a good 10-15 minutes and I hadn’t shaken the cold yet. He spent maybe a minute there at the front of the chapel, and I snapped off six frames. Three of them made the photo. I loved having a centered subject to focus on, because the room certainly didn’t provide it!
Chicago Temple - praying for warmth
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2 Comments to “Chicago Temple – praying for warmth”

  1. Beautiful image. You overcame very difficult lighting conditions.

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