Snow three

It was two years ago, February, I believe. After 21+ inches of snow accumulated over 24 hours it was time to dig out. Knowing I had several hours of shoveling ahead of me just to reach an impassable street felt quite blank. Standing there after the garage door went up in awe of the thigh-high (and in places due to drift waist-high) accumulation, I quickly snapped back to the reality of the triangle of trouble – three things directly impacting each other: car, snow, me. With a more-normal snow event you just get out there, get it done and get on with whatever needs getting done. Not here. This was one of those dawning moments where you realize there’s this false paradigm of your car getting you to where you need to go. Really it is you that takes the car to the destination. The car depends much more on you than you ever do the car. You not only pilot the thing, you give it life by getting it to the road.

That sent me back into my gaze, and I remained there longer looking down at my boots, blinking. I’m the only actor in all of this, and I must act. It was paralyzing. You know how that first scrape of the shovel against the concrete under the snow is so debilitating? It’s even worse when you have to start a foot above. We haven’t experienced much snow in the Chicago area since that day, thankfully. The shoveling took the better part of three hours. I believe it was something like five degrees, but you got such a workout piling up the snow that you barely even noticed.
Snow three
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2 Comments to “Snow three”

  1. I, too, will never forget this snow. Your photo and words describe it perfectly!

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