Hosta stem

I missed my deadline again. The first was covered by a fundraiser I was a part of back in November. Now I’m leaning on the excuse that a very busy Saturday which included a celebration for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary went deep enough into the night that I couldn’t post in time. It was fun and well worth a missed post. This is something like the second of 220 posts to miss the midnight deadline for a post per day. Not shabby over seven months.

It’s nothing too complicated. I used a prime and a super-fast shutter setting to blur-out everything but that along the tips of this stem. It’s almost ironic how doing such a thing seems to turn the background into the subject. It is the subject, actually. I was so intent on blur that I didn’t care as much about how the stem turned out.
Hosta stem
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4 Comments to “Hosta stem”

  1. Good blur. I like the colors of the blur.

  2. I like it.

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