Cold above, warm below

After taking photos of the setting sun from off a parking garage, I started looking around for anything that would lend well in blue hour. Blue hour is that time of day when the light from the sun is generally equal to the light from unnatural lights on the street. It can also be described as that time of day where there’s neither complete light nor complete darkness. It’s the in-between. The gloaming. When I was a kid I didn’t like this period of day very much, because it felt like the day was dying and there wasn’t quite enough light to play baseball or do whatever else. Now, I love it. The opposites, yellow and blue, pop out like at no other time. Here’s a perfect example of that – the fading daylight on the top level of the parking garage casting that usual blue-hour hue. Below, the warm reds and yellows and oranges jump in the tungsten. And no, that’s not a hole you can fall through. It’s actually on the other side of a partition.
Cold above, warm below
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2 Comments to “Cold above, warm below”

  1. nice textured detail

    • Thanks, Chloe. I thought it might actually be a little much in retrospect. This image is about 15 months old – and I’ve changed as a photographer a bit since then. I’m sure you go through different periods of evolution just the same…

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