Big yawn

It may look like he’s roaring (as he’d like to think), but he’s just caught in a long, lazy yawn on an autumn afternoon. This is Hank, my cat, who’s making his debut on the blog. Hank is rather moody and unlikely to allow a visitor to pet him more than twice (if you’re lucky you get three!). Once in a while – a very long while – he takes comfort in knowing a stranger. He walks right up to strollers, bounces up on his hind legs and looks in on babies. He fears no dog. Hank walks up to the biggest of the big and sniffs nose to nose. He grabs your leg if you walk by whether hungry or otherwise, and he will bite if it’s the third or fourth time you’ve passed. If he’s sitting there, looking at you, it’s always just out of arm’s reach. If you acknowledge him he turns his back and flaps his tale when you call him again. And again. And again.

He exudes arrogance. He’s selfish like no other. Hank scratches the door at 6 a.m. looking for his breakfast, and on those nights when you stay up too late he scratches at 5:50. I left him over night (with plenty of water and food for three days) on a weekend when he was young, and when I returned the posters on my wall were now on the floor, shredded to bits. When he’s done eating he howls for the outside. When he’s outside he darts after anything that moves and chases into the shadows. Sometimes we walk the neighborhood calling after him for a half hour. Sometimes it’s two half hours. He’s pretty, though, and he warms up to me while I’m blogging or producing a photo, sitting within petting distance the entire time. He looks good in photos, especially on a 50 prime with all else blurred out.
Big yawn
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4 Comments to “Big yawn”

  1. Great timing! I hope to see more of Hank on your blog. 🙂

  2. He looks like he’s singing opera to me. Beautiful shot…love the white whiskers coming at me.

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