Bands on the monolith

I’ve passed this building a thousand times never knowing what it is until I looked it up recently. That paneling is not a massive door; In fact, I don’t know if there’s a way in from the street. This is an electric substation built about 80 years ago and left to stand stoic and alone between a mall and a skyscraper in the heart of The Loop. It reminds me of a rock formation on the side of a mountain, and those gold whips of light draw it out of the scene at night.
Bands on the monolith
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5 Comments to “Bands on the monolith”

  1. One of my favorite things in the Loop.

    • Wow, really!? That’s cool you like it so much. I find it equal parts odd and interesting. I mean, it’s so out of place but strangely beautiful. It’s rock between glass and chrome. It’s almost defiant and crossing its arms – and almost pretty and too Greek. And simultaneously it’s unimportant and utilitarian and still necessary. I think I could write a book on this building, or at least it is a poem.

      • There are some other interesting old power stations scattered around the city that look like old dwellings. There is one in Hyde Park, for instance; along a forlorn stretch of Lake Park Blvd south of 56th. Looks something like a villa with a walled but barren garden. At least that’s how I remember it . . .

      • I don’t get down there very often, but it sounds kind of cool. I seem to get stuck in various patterns, especially in the winter. I’m considering doing an entire month on things inside my house, which would be interesting and challenging, but I’m not so wild about it.

      • You are lucky to be a good enough photographer to capture “moments” not just “things,” as evidenced in much of your night photography, and that great shot of the heavens we exchanged comments on. Maybe you are straitjacketing yourself by holding yourself to a post a day–it’s not worth it if it’s forcing you to do something your heart isn’t in.
        I think the post a day pledge is useful so that afterward you know that you can count on yourself to deliver. Once you’ve proved that to yourself, I don’t think it’s necessary any longer. . . . why not set a deadline for yourself after which you’re going to let yourself post less often. Then you can concentrate on producing what really suits you–and tell readers posts will be coming every couple of days. . . we will all continue to look forward to whatever that is!
        Maybe posts about hibernation??????? Everyone is exhausted at this time of year. . . .

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