African bush trees

The grain in my last photo had me remembering this one. It’s not a very big file and won’t blow up well, because it is taken in 2006 on an older camera without the megapixels needed for that sort of thing. This bend in a South African dirt road leads to a herd of zebra or a hippo watering hole or a couple of giraffes grazing in some trees. I don’t remember anymore. It’s been six years since, which is unbelievable to me. The flight took 15 hours down from Washington D.C. and 17 back with a stop in Senegal. I’ll never forget the beret-wearing security detail jumping on the flight and scouring the plane – even looking behind the TV sets in the seats. One thumbed through my magazine while another blocked the door with a machine gun. We sat with our bags in our laps at midnight as an hour passed. Then on to D.C. feeling a bit less naive about how the world works. The views were worth it.
African bush trees
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