The back gate at Wrigley

I know I say I try not to post from the same scene back-to-back days, but the subject matter for yesterday and today is so different that it doesn’t bother me so much. This is the right-field corner of Wrigley Field during a game last September. The stadium lights are so bright and create massive unbalance between the lighted and unlighted areas in the street. Your eyes kind of struggle back here against that contrast, so color becomes secondary. I took it out and left this a black & white conversion instead.
The back gate at Wrigley
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4 Comments to “The back gate at Wrigley”

  1. wonderful capture, i like the different elements from the bright light down to the people walking

  2. I always enjoy seeing your unique take on a familiar spot. Nice one.

  3. Strong dynamic to this shot Nev….most unusual.

  4. Chloe- The lights and people come from different photographs, so that’s interesting you pointed it out. Thank you.

    Anita- Welcome back to blogging after your hiatus. I hope you had a good December, and thank you for calling this unique!

    John- I thought it was different, too. I definitely needed the brightest brights and darkest darks to achieve the look.

    Thanks everyone…

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