The girders at Wrigley

I had started entering my photos in contests, but it felt all wrong, so I stopped. I guess I have the same feelings on this as I do receiving awards on the blog – it’s just not the intention. Photo contests and critiques are quite insane. Every photo has value, even if it isn’t what someone would consider a special image. Every image can be torn apart for whatever rules we apply to photography. There are obvious moments when we see a photographer’s talent or even their lack, but what good does judging a photo do? I voted on some others’ work, which made my stomach turn, and then I had four positive reviews and one somewhat lesser critique. It seemed stressful to me to continue. It’s just not my thing.

There are all sorts of heavy pieces of metal holding up Wrigley Field. The place needs a major overhaul from what I know on the matter, but politics and such will hold that up for some time. Personally, I don’t really care if they do anything to the old place any more. Sports has become so watered-down and commercialized that debates over new ballparks and old ballparks really hold little relevance anymore. Things change, and more rapidly these days. I just don’t like seeing the owners lay the newer parks on the taxpayers’ backs. This wasn’t very well written. Promise to do better in the future.
The girders at Wrigley
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2 Comments to “The girders at Wrigley”

  1. Excellent perspective! Wish I was there!!!

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