Records ruins, Goose Island

I had to work a bit for this one. Around the corner from the photo shop on Goose Island is this records warehouse. At night it’s almost impossible to tell if its in use or left to ruin, and I didn’t have time to investigate further. Not after struggling to get my tripod set. The stones were loose and dry and rolling under the legs, especially with a heavy camera pushing down on three points. Every few seconds they’d give way and slip enough to bump the camera down. This became especially frustrating with long exposures and needing to bracket a few together in the darkness.

Eventually, after wedging the legs down into the stone for a minute or two, they remained still enough to get the job done. It left me to think the adding some movement in post-processing was the only way to illustrate the nature of taking this photo. I did that to mild amounts of success. I’m not totally thrilled with my work here, but after battling against the elements I feel as though I’ve won. Or at least tied.
Records ruins, Goose Island
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