Between & beyond – the wedge

While waiting for the best moment to photograph a sunset, I found myself worrying about my camera and its rather precarious position on a ledge six stories above concrete. I was forced to stand a couple of feet behind my tripod, so I couldn’t get the strap around my neck to save it in case of a sudden wind. I decided to keep one of my hands on the leg at all times in order to keep it secure – which is hardly ideal when your middle exposure will be no less than five seconds on a three-bracket HDR. I remained still, however, and captured a ton of depth in this image. It remains in focus from the edge of the wedge all the way to the distant skyline.

In case you’re wondering, the distance between the two buildings in the foreground is about five feet. The sidewalk below is of standard size, and that’s all the width needed in this area, apparently. I normally don’t post photos from the same scene in successive days, but I felt this view is so different from my last post that it still satisfies the requirement.
Between & beyond - the wedge
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2 Comments to “Between & beyond – the wedge”

  1. Excellent viewpoint giving a dramatic contrast of scale…..and those rooftops are Mary Poppins territory. Great HDR Nev.

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