Lights at the zoo

Lincoln Park zoo does its annual lighting display this time of year, and my whole family went last night. It was super crowded and tricky to navigate, but you could find a clearing or two for a photo. I took four, maybe five. This is the heart of the display nestled between the ape habitat and the cafe in the middle of the park. The lights flicker and flash to music, so multiple exposures really help to catch each item.

A couple of mentions.. this display is on a gradual decline, which is tough to show off in frame especially when it is dark. Tilting the horizon with the flow of the decline helps to give the effect of standing hillside. The indoor animal enclosures were open to the public. Dozens of people were taking flash photos of the apes – right in their faces. That takes me out of the holiday spirit. Why is this not deterred?
Lights at the zoo
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2 Comments to “Lights at the zoo”

  1. so pretty & festive. Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year

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