Circular blue couch

I went from one lobby to the next, realizing the striking red of the former provided such an opposite feel to the cool blue of this circular couch in my own company’s entrance. Color is something I rarely worried about before starting this blog, but now I become very aware of posting too many like-colored images in succession. I’ve opted out of the same scene on repeated days for this very reason. It makes for more photos and challenging myself to shoot like a videographer, which is to find small points of interest in a landscape in order to eek out all of the available detail. When you shoot for television news you need to do this in order to tell a story. I’m now addicted to finding things when I walk into rooms – and also to locate my white balance object, too. It’s a bit of an obsession, really. I look at things in a room totally different than I ever had previously.
Circular blue couch
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