The comedy set

When I took this photo back in the summer there wasn’t much funny about it. I was with friends who were designing a comedy set for a TV show that aired nationally – and I wasn’t allowed to post this photo of the design until October! Seemed serious, so I waited until December to actually put it on the blog. You know, taking care of friends and their interests…
The comedy set
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10 Comments to “The comedy set”

  1. Very nice image. It is a shame there was an embargo on it for so long but then you do have to look out for your friends.

  2. A great shot, great deep colours and great detail of the buildings outside the windows.

    • It took quite a bit of work to make it look real, but I’m pleased with the outcome. Thanks for your artistic eye to see the same… I do appreciate the compliment.

      • Keeping HDR realistic is very difficult, sometimes I make them that realistic that they don’t look HDR anymore and I think what is the point! I think they have to look a little unrealistic to keep all the detail, it’s the saturation that is usually the killer but you have kept the tones nice and even.

      • I wish I hadn’t said real, actually. I’m not too worried with that in most cases. I’m more concerned with how it felt to be there, which is more accurate. I think we all see things differently. HDR is detail-oriented and lends to the ability to create emotion in photography. That is what I’m after. Real is debatable! 🙂

  3. Because the Jewelers Building is so distinctive, the viewer knows where you are at once. Despite what you are saying about emotion, this outside anchor makes the outlandishness of the interior colors more interesting.

    • What’s cool is on television you could never tell that there were buildings out there. They totally confined the viewers view to the stage. In that sense, I feel like I was able to give a little bit more of the context.

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