Willis from Congress

Driving to visit family I encountered a massive storm and drove through it. I stopped a few times to take photos before it passed. The clouds were so thick and extended to the horizon in nearly all directions, making daytime resemble night. Few cars were out on the circle interchange, and so I braved taking a photo while driving. This was one of three.

I came across this image recently after forgetting about it for maybe a year. It doesn’t blow up well, but it summarizes that day very well. Dark clouds wafted past the tall buildings at very low altitude. Gloom hung in very delicate air. The sky looked as if it would break up at any moment, so I left it grainy and stark. This is taken with a very limited point-and-shoot, but those little things can still take great photos given good light. It doesn’t blow up real well, but if you like grain a lot, go for it.
Willis from Congress
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4 Comments to “Willis from Congress”

  1. Love the image, as well as your adventurous spirit! 😉

  2. Has a surreal quality with the empty street and the mysterious cloud.

    • I agree and feel the same. This is quite like the first photo of mine you commented on, John, the one with the lady in the street and the traffic blurring by in the form of a vapor-like glow. You may remember. No vapor glow here, but I took it from the exit ramp, and whenever you’re in the street rather than along the street things get oddly surreal. I guess it’s because of the fleetingness of being in a street. Rarely is there time to gaze, especially in a city.

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