A tank in the graveyard

I knew the grounds contained a military section, but it isn’t visible from the road. Having been past here probably a thousand times but never inside I wondered if the graveyard might contain an old tree or some cool viewpoint of the tombstones. I went inside to ask if they allowed photographers to shoot, but I posed the question to the staff in a manner that they’d think I was scouting the place as a burial site. I didn’t want them following me around wondering what I was up to. It’s not much fun to be watched as you’re trying to find a shot.

I came around a corner and there was this massive tank, and I think it’s real. It felt so out of place in this walled-off spot, but you want to climb on it even after you take in the fact that you’re in a graveyard and it’s a solemn place. Maybe that’s the boy in me. Moments after shooting the tank a military memorial got started on the other side of the wall. A couple of people milling about invited me to take photos along with the newspaper photographers there. I got one really poignant one of the soldier’s wife crying and her friends consoling her, but I have nothing to do with it now. I don’t feel right posting it on the blog, and I don’t think I’ll look them up and share a momento from their sad day. It doesn’t make sense. So, now I have this very meaningful photo that nobody will ever see.

It started to snow during the service, big fat flakes. I remember a woman I thought was the soldier’s mother thanking me for stopping by. She was very nice. They started blaring some country music with lyrics about being an American. I went back and stood under the tank’s gun for a while with snow spinning around me.
A tank in the graveyard
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2 Comments to “A tank in the graveyard”

  1. The tank is a great find and using a little restraint with the other photo is refreshing these days.

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