The baptism

I had the opportunity to witness a very special little person’s baptism back in mid-October. The event took place in this glorious old church in Lincoln Park, and they utilized the front of the building for the 50 to 60 people in attendance. This was perfect, because it opened up the back and middle aisles entirely to show off the depth of the place. When the priest got around to talking again after doing some individual blessings I slipped back to the aisle and did some calculating. It had to be perfect, and I didn’t have much time before I needed to get back to the front.

Churches are often dark with bright pools of light, which makes them challenging to shoot but great for HDR. To keep the light balanced and the people from blurring took a bit of thought, but due to having precious little time I used a trick to get it done – actually leaving everything beyond the alter slightly out of focus. Hopefully you can’t tell when you initially look at it, but everything past that block in the middle is slightly soft. Slightly. This one looks really cool if you click on it and then blow it up.
The baptism
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