Original Germany

When I first looked at the sign it was only to balance the photo, but now that I’ve stared at it during processing for so long it’s reminded me of Impossible Germany by Wilco. I seem only to write about Wilco songs on this blog, but that’s where it’s taken me again. The lyric is “Impossible Germany, unlikely Japan / wherever you go, wherever you land.” It means relatively nothing to me, but I find it funny still. I’ve seen people try to decipher the meaning of the song, but there’s too much left wide open to pin something down. The best one online was something about it being about a Frenchman purchasing a car. Or trying to purchase one, maybe. BMW vs. Honda?

I messed this one up pretty bad on the post-edit. I fixed it, but there are a couple of glaring weaknesses to my eye. I did get the lights and the details and the trinkets, though, and there’s really nothing more in life, is there? Lights, details and trinkets. Wherever you go, wherever you land.
Original Germany
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