Down Roslyn Place

This is one of those streets you cross and stop in the middle for a few seconds before you keep walking. Only I stopped and put my bag down and got out my tripod and took a photo. It’s nondescript and like a million places, but it’s got the glow and the depth and the shadow. I spent two minutes here shooting but it took part of two days editing the photo to get it right. I needed a clear head after struggling with the hue. Taking the color out was the only way to make it work for me.
Down Roslyn Place
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3 Comments to “Down Roslyn Place”

  1. You’re right, it does have that ‘no coming back’ feeling to it. I like leading lines and focal points that go to nowhere. It’s uneasy. Thanks…

  2. This image works well in black and white. Lovely. Robyn

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