Twin trees and a Christmas moon

I’m very pleased with how this one turned out. I’m always interested in whether people will like what I like, but it often seems the images I’m less happy with get the most interest or response. I wonder why that is. I’ve written a lot lately, so I’m leaving things sparse this time.

These two trees are a staple of a local neighborhood. One is taller than the other, maybe 90 feet to the other’s 75 or so, but that’s just a guess. I posted a recent image looking up from underneath the larger of the two. Now it’s time for me to get away from the Christmas lights for a bit. They’re beginning to take over the blog. At least this one looks a bit haunted in a way.
Twin trees and a Christmas moon
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3 Responses to “Twin trees and a Christmas moon”

    • Thanks for saying you do! It was one of those that you like from the moment you have it in frame. I had to make sure not to overdo it in post, because there were many opportunities to do so.


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