Napalm Christmas

I can sense there will be a ton of Christmas lights on the blog this December. I’ve stumbled across quite a few brilliant displays, and by brilliant I mean intelligent. I don’t get into lavish color displays. I tend to like the more simple and elegant ones. This in particular looked to me like the trees are on fire. From a distance I did a double take.

I set up at the end of the driveway in a fairly busy road. No cars came except for the owners rolling up. I told them I was sorry to be photographing their house, but their trees were kind of awesome! They loved it. I could tell I wasn’t the first to shoot their home.
Napalm Christmas
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5 Comments to “Napalm Christmas”

  1. This is some awesome HDR.

  2. Very pretty trees indeed. I tool like elegance and simplicity, not all the flash and bedazzle.
    I love that the owners came home while you were photographing their house. Great story.

    • Bedazzling is good for a laugh. I do like a gaudy display or two just for the fun of it, but yes, simplicity always wins. I’m appreciative that they did have me detained, although I was never really on their property. They were cool.

  3. You know, looking at it again, I think they took lights that are supposed to be used as fringe for an eve or overhang and just flipped sections of it up in the trees. Call it reallocating resources or something. Thank you!

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