Under the gigantic Xmas tree

So, a debate rages within me. I wasn’t aware there are awards out there to be had for blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard of the “Bloggies” and stuff like that, but I never really put much thought into applying for awards or even wanting awards. It never crossed my mind. I am just making stuff and writing stuff and stuff is stuff, right? Cool.

I bring this up because a good dude named Ben selected me for one (award), which I received quite warmly. I mean, Ben took the trouble to consider me. I came to mind. That’s an award of sorts right there. It’s better than an award. Ben’s a nice guy from what I can tell, and he’s a talented photographer and dedicated blogger. You can check out his stream here. My concern, however, (and I realize I’m probably over-thinking this) is that I don’t know if I want any awards. Really. I’m the person who feels that aptitude tests don’t actually confirm aptitude, and who feels that wearing a medal on one’s chest can defeat the meaning of the accomplishment. That’s probably a little heavy-handed, as this is about a blog award, but it is how I feel. I’m glad the award centers more on sharing some insights about yourself and “passing it forward,” than it does anything else. It’s benign, and a potential visitor boon, but then again I’m not really about that either, as some of you know. Decisions.

I’m soliciting considerations from fellow bloggers that wish to comment on this post. If I get ten or more thoughtful responses from bloggers on WordPress, I’ll legitimately consider playing along with awards. I need a compelling argument one way or the other, however, as I’m serious about these matters. I truly feel this way! If you think I’m being dumb, that’s fair. I’ll consider awards, and specifically this one, if you have a righteous point to make on the matter. If you need more context on what this is about, here’s what Ben did after he got nominated. He took a lot of time on that thing and did it with care and remained nicely concise – unlike me on this post. There, that’s two plugs for Ben. I hope he feels my gratitude via public thanks even if I can’t go through with awards. …OK!

TODAY’S PHOTO: Under the gigantic Xmas tree
Wouldn’t it be cool to walk through an entire forest lit with Christmas lights? I’m not sure why this hasn’t been done yet. If wrapping things like buildings and islands is possible, then you should be able to light an entire forest. Who’s with me? Can’t some corporation near a little forest make this happen for any and all to visit? Tourist attraction, hello! You could do it all on solar power, or glow in the dark. Somebody must have tried this already, but I can’t find a single image of the kind on Google.

Well, this is how it would be, walking under a forest of light, I think. You’d have massive pines overhead with lights spiraling upward until you can no longer see them due to the branches forming their knotty nexus at the midpoint of the trees. That’s natural contrast having the dark point central to the tree’s trunk. Just think of it – pools of light and dark extending through the vastness of a forest. At this location there were only two twin pines decorated as such. I’ll post another from here soon.
Under the gigantic Xmas tree
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14 Responses to “Under the gigantic Xmas tree”

  1. I 100% understand what you are saying about the award. I also went through a similar debate in my head.
    I wrote about something similar when reviewing instagram ( http://aperture64.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/instagram-instagood-or-instabad/ ), I wrote that one of the negatives was that people like stuff and follow stuff just for the like back or the follow back with no real care about what they are liking. It becomes worthless and means nothing, similar to a blog having loads of badges on it. what does it mean?

    With this award i was nominated on Friday but did nothing until Sunday. I wanted to research the award and to be honest its hard to find much out except it is for bloggers who have under or around 200 readers. I read this not as followers because i know what WordPress says and i know what my stats say and I thought it was nice. the only thing i actively did different to the rules was to nominate less people ( 5 instead of 11) to make this award mean something for those receiving it.

    That’s my two cents and thanks for the plugs.

    Onto your picture and i like fact that the tree is being lit by what is essentially light pollution and the sky is colored i am guessing by light pollution as well. I really like the way the lights force you to like up the tree and then out. Nice picture.

  2. i’ve received a few awards myself but i don’t get involved with them, it’s always a nice thought though, to be considered
    it would be awesome if the forest was always lit up like this

  3. I absolutely love your work. I’m so glad that I found your blog and now I know of you!


    • That might be the nicest compliment I’ve ever gotten. Thanks, Kate. There’s more to come…

      • Hi,

        That might be the nicest compliment that I have ever gotten, to have been able to give someone else one of their nicest compliments. I’m really excited to be able to look over your blog when I have more time. I’ve dropped in three or four days in a row and each time it is so much fun. You help me see things from a different perspective and angle, which is unusual for me because I spend so much of my time looking from a different angle and perspective. I have to say this, there are lots of photographers that I have to say they don’t have the eye that I appreciate, which might mean that there are few photographers who do what I really like. I like your eye.


      • Glad you’ve returned. Thanks so much, and feel free to visit any time.


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