Leaves in the bag

It’s December, but the temps are in the mid-Octobers. As evidenced by attached image, I got behind on my leaves this November. Collection stopped maybe 10 days ago, and this is one of five bags I tied off on Saturday. There are at least another two bags of leaves still out there along the sides of the house. Nobody will notice, maybe.

When I say collection ended, I mean street collection. Around here we push the leaves into the street for a couple of months, but you can’t do that in December. I was left to bag the rest, and I did this after running three miles home from the gym this morning. That’s a good four hours of physical activity, but before you’re impressed, I don’t make regular habit of doing so much. I’d like to, though.

Anyway, as for the leaves in the bag, it’s two-thirds full. All of the rest of the leaves in this picture and more still made it into the bag, so if you do some calculating, that’s how much raking I did. I’m sure I’ll feel great tomorrow. Also, I took the hose off the wall, something I forgot to do the past two years. It didn’t crack either time, so I’m not sure why I felt compelled to be so hose-proper this time around. Especially considering the moment I took it off the wall it leaked all over my foot and left it soaking for almost the duration of the 3 1/2-hour rake. Perfect.
Leaves in the bag
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6 Comments to “Leaves in the bag”

  1. Aperture64 is nominating you for the Liebster Award http://aperture64.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/liebster-award/ whether you choose to participate or not (and for the “rules”), please know that I have found much inspiration from your blog.

  2. Hi, Ben. That’s really an honor to be considered worthy of an award. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I didn’t even know this kind of stuff was out there to bestowed upon by other worthy bloggers. I’m almost as surprised as I am appreciative of your consideration.

  3. so many leaves, so little time – or so it is at our place in autumn
    the leaves are so crispy, lovely capture

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