Blue car, blue trees, yellow light

That yellow-gold glow in Chicago from the streetlights helps the blues stand out. This dusty old car was left standing illegally on a cold night last year in front of a residential skyscraper. To promote the new apartments across the street the owners used the oddly-colored lights to create some buzz or bling. They certainly stood out. In fact, they still stand out. They’ve never turned them off. The lights continue to glow at the western edge of the loop each and every night.

By the way, I’m not much of a car guy. I have no idea what this make or model might be. I keep wanting to call it a Plymouth Duster, but that’s only because it’s dusty and strange. Can anyone help me out and tell me what it is? I’m actually very curious.
Blue car, blue trees, yellow light
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10 Comments to “Blue car, blue trees, yellow light”

  1. I’m quite good with recalling the names of cars from Down Under, but seen as it’s from the US I’m afraid I can’t really help… but nice photo nonetheless! The contrasting blues is effective.

  2. It’s a Volvo P1800…. run out of gas…..or dead…..give it the last rights…..

  3. John Smith is correct – except there’s no such thing as a dead Volvo. Great photo, BTW.

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