A black slipper at midnight

It was a perfect find, this black slipper propped against the heel of a building just minutes before the clock struck midnight. It made you wonder if she stepped out of it while running to an important date, or if something more troublesome had rushed after her. Maybe it happened to fall out of her bag. Occam’s razor would suggest it was the latter. Whatever the case, it lay there perfectly wedged at a 45-degree angle as if paralyzed in a moment and allowing your mind to fill in the gaps.

Music disclaimer: I edited this photo while listening to Aphex Twin channel on Pandora, which puts me in this mood for glow. I decided to leave the city lights in bokeh in the distance and just a small slice of space in focus. I wanted to limit shadow in order to leave a lightness and an atmosphere of wonder, and tilted the camera sideways like a puppy does his head when trying to solve a puzzle. I think it only adds to the speculative mind guessing at how this shoe came to rest so perfectly against the wall. I didn’t touch the shoe, it was suspended as it stands in the image.
A black slipper at midnight
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