Candyland down Dearborn

I found a few quick shots before heading home Sunday night. When standing on Dearborn Street I noticed new colors bouncing off the buildings thanks, in part, to the new Christmas lights all over the area. You can’t really see Christmas in this shot, but the purple and green to the upper right are some of those bounce-back refelctions I’m talking about. The atmosphere made for this candy-like coating to the place. Chicago certainly tastes sweeter around the holidays.
Candyland down Dearborn
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3 Comments to “Candyland down Dearborn”

  1. I’m thinking this is a really cool shot. Like the motion blur, or were you at a low SS without a tripod?

  2. so many lights, so little time. such wonderful colours in this shot

  3. Robyn- Hi. If you click on the photo and reach the smugmug version, you can ‘mouse over’ the image there and click on the “i” for info. There, you can see all of the settings I used to take this photo. If I remember right, I took about 10 brackets of this scene and used maybe 4 or 5 images to make the photo. I combined the images I used three times to make three different HDR images, then I blended those together for the final result. That way I could pick out the colors that were there originally and not lose anything. I think the shortest exposure in this blend is about two seconds. The longest might be eight or ten. It’s a process…

    Chloe- Yeah, I’m always short on time somehow. It is a curse, but also a blessing, as it teaches you to work super fast and always be ready for something interesting. Thanks for the compliment, always.

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