Good morning skyline | Chicago at daybreak

I’ve had this bad habit lately of making two images at a time and posting them one before midnight and one after. That makes it very stressful getting my pre-midnight photo done in time before the day changes over. It makes my next day fairly easy, and therefore lazy, as I then put off processing my next photo until later the day following. That’s really confusing when I read it back, but I promise that’s how I’m doing things.

I made this photo today, because it kind of symbolizes that midnight/next day theme I’m processing under. It’s simply a sunrise, but with the cloud cover I was given options as to how to process. I could make the city a silhouette and darken out the foreground. I could select to show off the texture in the suburbs and blow out the sky and sun. This is where HDR comes in handy – as you can simply do both. I’m not satisfied with the sun and the sky entirely, but I like the overall effectiveness of the photo. I’m also out of time. It’s nearing midnight, and I need to make tomorrow a bit easier on me.
Good morning skyline | Chicago at daybreak
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10 Comments to “Good morning skyline | Chicago at daybreak”

  1. that’s incredible

  2. Beautiful!! So many cool things to look at. Just Amazing!

    • Thank you, Jay. I’ll admit there are a few flaws, but I also think it’s a fun photo. It’s unlikely I’ll get the chance to have that view again any time soon, so I had to post it. I love it, too!

  3. It was very nice of the skyline to produce those nice Bear’s colors

  4. I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s beautiful.

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