Bad guitarist, good guitarist

I entered the subway to find this guitarist talking to another while going over the same four chords again and again and again. It seemed the second guitarist was trying to teach him something. Then I realized I knew the second guitarist and we said hi, and this guitarist carried on strumming out these four chords. It was very strange – like he was learning a new song then and there. It wasn’t going very well. He seemed displeased, like he wasn’t good enough to learn this one.

Then he got up and played, the same four minor chords, and set the tunnel sideways. A gorgeous ballad rolled up into the archway and echoed all over the place. He wailed out some Spanish lines and didn’t care if you listened, but everyone did. They clapped when he was done, but nobody paid. He had fooled around too long, and a train ruined his earnings potential.

I feel like guitarists should be left in motion. It’s just something I prefer. So, he’s in slight motion blur.
Bad guitarist, good guitarist
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2 Comments to “Bad guitarist, good guitarist”

  1. Sure looks like an interesting guy!

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