The tree from a distance

I missed the Chicago Christmas tree lighting ceremony the other night. These sorts of things tend to happen to me. Schedules. Life. Feigned interest. After the crowds had dispersed I found myself in awe of the tree and wishing I had been there with the throng, even though I didn’t really want to be with them. I’m not sure that makes sense.

Cops and tourists were all over the area, but nobody was asked to leave despite it being late. I went up underneath, but it didn’t make for a great photo. The tree is actually an obelisk-like shape, so you have to get some distance to properly see the star.
The tree from a distance
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2 Comments to “The tree from a distance”

  1. A beautiful shot, I really like how it has lit the floor and the walls around it up and how you shot the building above it to give a sense of how big it is!

    • Hi. Nice to hear from you. Yes, it is big, at least 3 stories tall. Also, it’s about 20 times better than last tear’s tree which was a see-through! The branches were thin and tattered.

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