The permanent man at the bus stop

I’ve been past here at least a couple of times since taking this photo, and he isn’t there anymore, but I could’ve sworn this guy was forever attached to the bench at the time. He was so uncomfortably slumped and managed not to move despite this awkward slouching. You can’t sit like that as long as he did. Impossible.

I stood and waited for the bus to come just to see if he was actually waiting for one. He wasn’t. Sometimes people look like they’re stuck in a place or a moment, and they’re never going to leave. It’s like they belong to time and space. There’s almost a comfort in thinking that, even if it isn’t true.
The permanent man at the bus stop
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4 Comments to “The permanent man at the bus stop”

  1. Hi key, neon glow effect is splendid….has a lovely graphic quality.

  2. Haha. You seem to profess…

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