Big Ben over Westminster

I’ve continued to go backward in recent weeks with photo selections, and here is another. It has equal parts to do with my exhaustion from a super-busy weekend and some current nostalgic thoughts of my trips overseas. This has been a hectic year, and I didn’t leave the country for the first time in a few years.

The London Eye might be the best way to see the central part of the city, but as a photographer you only get one loop around to set yourself up for a shot. On a rainy afternoon I wedged my tiny lens between water droplets and quickly snapped whatever I could. That included this tighter framing of the two English icons.
Big Ben over Westminster
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10 Comments to “Big Ben over Westminster”

  1. Beautiful balance of the light and colour. I have never seen a shot from this viewpoint before…..and it’s most excellent.

  2. This is a joy of a picture. Love it. Really happy to see Big Ben from another vantage point.

    • Thanks, Lindsay, welcome to the blog. Thanks for stopping by. I read all comments and reply to those that I can find a response for. One other person commented on this being a unique perspective, but it’s from the London Eye, so I’m sure at least one other person has done the same… and yet I can’t find it. Cheers.

  3. I’m on the ground so never knew that west-end could look so beautiful. Nice picture

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