Going for goal

It’s hard to report that for the first time on this blog I missed my deadline. Midnight Saturday came without a new post, making it the first time in four months of my shepherding of this blog that I did not produce something new in a 24-hour day. I have good reason, though, as I lent myself to a very worthy fundraiser that turned out to be quite a success. I became a part of nearly every part of the event, which was a lot of fun and very challenging. I also donated a photo to the cause and it was auctioned off for a good price, so that was great. Here’s my donated work which appeared here a short while back:
Bottom to the top

I was excited to donate that particular photo as it was well received here and an angle I’d never seen of Chicago previously. Thanks for giving me an idea for what to contribute to the fundraiser, it truly helped.

TODAY’S PHOTO: Going for goal

So, given the challenges that defeated my goal of posting within the 24-hour timeframe, I’m retroactively posting for Friday a couple of hours into Saturday. Forgive me. It is not a trend. It is a bending of the rules for a very positive circumstance. It’s also a photo of Paris Saint-Germain going for goal against Sochaux from a couple of years back. Going for goal became mission accomplished for us tonight, but there’s always more to do.
Going for goal
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2 Comments to “Going for goal”

  1. now that first shot has a very interesting and effective perspective, it’s lovely

    • Hey, thanks. It took quite a bit of setting up. Glad you got something out of it, and u really appreciate your comment. Interaction is one of my favorite parts of sharing my photos.

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