Snow fence and the water droplet

Hi. It snowed last night. It was nothing like this photo. It was a nominal amount, maybe just more than a dusting. The kind of snow you forget about overnight only to find it still there when you wake up and open the windows. I had a different photo planned for today, but the new snow made me think of this old photo.

This was taken last winter after a seven-inch storm. I was obsessed at the time with blur and focal point, and I screwed my 50mm lens on to achieve massive bokeh of the fore and background. I quite liked how the back fence blurred out. If you look closely to the immediate left of the fence post you can see a water droplet in suspended animation as it fell from above. It almost looks like a blemish, and I considered editing it out of the photo at the time. I didn’t, and I still haven’t. I felt fortunate that it fell within the narrow focal range.
Snow fence and the water droplet
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