Trump from under the tracks

Whenever a new big building is constructed people tend to worry how it will fit into the Chicago skyline. Trump Tower Chicago has been in operation for almost five years now, and I never hear negative talk about the building. The second tallest building in North America to Chicago’s Willis Tower (formerly Sears) fits in pretty well, although I don’t find the interior that interesting. For a brief time Trump Tower could boast of having the highest residence in the world. Now a structure in the Middle East can claim that title.

I took this mainly because there’s a vehicle parked on the sidewalk. It’s not so much the focal point of the photo as it’s an oddity. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided you rarely see this in Chicago. I’ve lived places in the south where people park on their own lawns, but nobody parks on the sidewalk. Here there are ample garages around, as evidenced in the photo, and the train tracks rumble right through overhead. Especially at 11 p.m., why do you need to park on the sidewalk?
Trump from under the tracks
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