Workers in the white light

You see a lot of construction in the city late at night. It must be an attempt to avoid messing up the traffic any more than it already is. As I approached the corner of Clark and Washington these bright white lights blew away all the other lamps on the street. HDR allows you to bring the rest back into play, as the buildings and streetlights would be mostly shadowed away. Thankfully, the workers stood mostly still as this is a multiple-exposure image, the shortest being just over a second long.

I’m not sure how these guys do it. These flood lights are so strong that the men were washed out to the naked eye. It was simple too strong to make out their faces very well, but here they stood looking over paperwork with the light pouring down and then bouncing up off the ground and the papers. It was blinding. At first I wondered if they’d ask me not to take photos of them, but then I considered that they probably couldn’t see anything more than a foot or two outside of the light pool. They might never have even seen me.
Workers in the white light
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