Sneak peek at the Chicago Christmas tree

I was surprised to see the Chicago tree up on Monday, November 5th! Just a few days earlier Daley Plaza was awash in orange light for Halloween, but it’s a quick turnaround this year. With November 1st falling on a Thursday it’s four short weeks to get the Christmas season in full swing for Thanksgiving on the 22nd. Kind of funny how we plan our preparedness for one holiday around another. November 22 is the earliest Thanksgiving can fall, so you get an extra week of Christmas shopping this year. Congrats. Walmart is really jacked up about it with the start of their Black Friday actually coming on Thursday. That seems… excessive.

One block from the tree Macy’s insanely massive trumpets already dwarf your walk over on the east side of State Street, and their Christmas windows are not only revealed, they’re operational. I can’t remember if I heard Christmas music over there or not the other night. If the windows are up, I’m sure the music is going, too.

Christmas apparently is now a two-month-long event. I can’t get into the swing just yet, but I wanted to share a taste of what the tree will be looking like. Five workers raced to get the lights up the other night. There’s a big lighting reveal by the city on the 20th, but the fact that you can already see it lit as it’s set up kind of defeats the purpose for those working and living in the area. It does look way better than last year’s scraggly mess.
Sneak pee at the Chicago Christmas tree
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