Iced webs

I got a new router and modem Thursday night, which was a huge need considering my internet dropped out about every five to ten minutes over the past three months. I complained about the wireless capacities while in Florida, well my router met its match right after returning. I’m up to 24.70 Mbps download and 4.23 Mbps upload, which I know is not the world’s fastest, but it does beat my intermittent 17.8 down and 3.6 up as of this afternoon. I was in the internet deep-freeze for a while.

I’ve been in a cold-weather posting mood of late. It’s supposed to get close to the upper 60s here on Sunday, but on Monday we could get flurries. We’ve had similar weather patterns of warm and cool in Chicago during October, just no chances for flurries until now. Hopefully no ice storms, though. This photo comes from a glazing this past winter that left a nice, thin coating on everything. I titled this photo months and months ago never realizing there would be an internet-related ice age to couple it with. Glad to be back to speed. The world wide web was feeling hemispheric for a time.

One more note… this photo is not black and white. If you click through and blow it up, you can see the little flecks of color.
Iced webs
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