Election night 2012

It wasn’t like 2008 when people ran through the streets of Chicago celebrating the election of Barack Obama. November 6, 2012 was much more subdued. There was no Grant Park outdoor party with hundreds of thousands of supporters. You saw almost no signs, and nobody stopped traffic. Part of this was certainly the rain and the cold. With the Obama party tucked into McCormick Place a couple of miles away, you almost didn’t notice the celebration was ongoing. I’ve added a few photos of what I saw walking from work to the train.

Please note – I couldn’t cover the Romney camp, because they were in Massachusetts and decidedly not out celebrating in Chicago afterward. No hard feelings to GOP supporters. The Green Party was also unavailable for photo ops…

Photo 1) Two men watching underneath the giant TV outside of CBS 2 Chicago. One of them was very drunk. A few trucks drifted by to see President Obama deliver his victory speech. I could hear a cheering crowd behind me on the other side of Daley Plaza, so I went around the corner to take a look.
Election night 2012 No. 1
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Photo 2) This is actually the last photo I took, but it is how the scene unfolded to me as I approached the crowd at Thompson Center. There were a few hundred Obama supporters cheering on all the highlights of his speech. I thought they would be louder when I was further away from them. Maybe they relaxed due to my presence? Strange.
Election night 2012 No. 2
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Photo 3) In the crowd at Thompson Center. It was a calm gathering, really. Some roars went up from time to time, but I think the business-like victory by the President was felt by his followers. This was not an emotional nor sentimental victory like the first time around, and Chicago’s reaction was in form.
Election night 2012 No. 3
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2 Comments to “Election night 2012”

  1. I like how the closed caption says “Cheering” ! Do they always put closed captions on the big board?

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