Lost at Los Angeles

I learned photography via video journalism, and the weekend I took this photo I finally said aloud that I wish I was doing more with photography. My friend told me I needed to take thousands of photos to do that, which is right, but I’d already shot millions of images via video camera. Video is a great way to learn photography – it forces you to find control at all times. You can’t miss a single moment in video. I recommend anyone wanting to become a good stills photographer to start with a video camera. If you can make creative, well-framed, seamless video, you can make photos interesting, too.

This shot is taken from Venice Beach in California a few years back in the month of October. The light was great that afternoon, and the boats were perfect. The coastline heads north and then bends severely west toward Malibu, casting the perfect backdrop of mountains over the dark but peaceful sea. I get lost in the scenery of California. I need to be there more often. This photo was taken on a point-and-shoot.
Lost at Los Angeles
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