Cornered sky

I woke up today three hours from home and after the journey back, doing yard work and going to a meeting, I realized I’m the type of person who feels like he is never accomplishing anything despite all that I am doing. That made me think of this photo, which I loved when I took it and then felt entirely disappointed about just days later.

The grain and the lighting is what I worried about after the fact, but the composition was simply about forcing something untouchable into a corner. I set my tripod up on my car and snapped maybe 15 images, of which I used maybe four or five to create the composite. It is flawed in terms of image quality due to the nature of making an HDR photo from a point-and-shoot and overcooking the processing at the time, but I don’t care anymore, because so too flawed is the idea of cornering the sky.
Cornered sky
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4 Comments to “Cornered sky”

  1. Luckily I’m not a great photographer, so I can just enjoy this, without finding anything to criticize. Plus the photograph works on a conceptual inversion, where space becomes the solid, and our materiality becomes the void. It recalls the famous photographs of the earth from outer space.

    • Does a photograph warrant criticism, especially one of they sky?

      • Your text expressed some misgivings about the quality of the photo, which seemed groundless to me.

      • I understand now. Yes, when I put a photograph up on the blog I make sure to subtly disclaim on the lesser-quality images exactly that, because they won’t blow up as well. I’d feel misleading otherwise. So, I’m not critical of the image inasmuch the resolution or the photo. But regarding criticims of imagery, I’m not into that unless prodded relentlessly. Every image has some value.

        Hope that helps to clarify my concerns on the original post.

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