The beds

All around Chicago are flower beds. When the days get shorter and the air cools, the fragile flowers get replaced by hardier plants like those in this particular planter on Dearborn. Across the street in the windows housing ads for some ridiculous-looking play at Goodman Theatre are homeless people sleeping in makeshift beds of their own creation. The inset windows keep them out of the heavy rain.
The beds
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5 Comments to “The beds”

  1. Yes, the city somehow has money to create an elaborate new park named after Maggie Daley, but we don’t have enough money to protect living citizens, help the needy or run the schools.

    • I’ll assume your concerns are with government and for whom the park is named, but not that you dislike the park. I think we’re spoiled in Chicago with so many amazing parks. I hope they keep coming!

      • Many of my blog posts are about the parks and what I see there. Unfortunately, the new park involved clear-cutting an existing park at great expense and destroying 877 established trees.

        I appreciate your photo’s depiction of the homeless sleeping on the Goodman’s windowsills, which I might not even have noticed if your text hadn’t cued me to look for them.

      • Gotcha. I was unaware of the concerns involved in that one, and I’ve never been there. Thanks.

      • I photographed the homeless beds as I did to respect their situation. I didn’t feel getting any closer was fair to them.

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