Saint Clair

My favorite streets are the secondary routes like this one off of Michigan Avenue. The sidewalks are packed one block away, full with tourists and shoppers. Here they are open and calm. It’s like the hustle and bustle aren’t even there. I like the busy nature of a city, but I also like to step out of it on a whim and walk around over here for a bit.

I don’t see a middle ground in this photo. It’s all foreground and background the way I look at it. The trees up front are actually the same exact color as the trees at the back, but the sun peeked out just enough to splash the background with light. That’s why they look so bright yellow.
Saint Clair
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8 Comments to “Saint Clair”

  1. Great shot! Great mood and I love the color “pops”!

  2. Chicago is one of the most under-photographed great cities. Thanks for doing something to right the balance.

    • I have mixed emotions on this. With Instagram out there I feel like anyone is taking pictures all the time. But at the same time, I agree, professionally there are very few cool pictures of Chicago. There are more and more, but there still aren’t enough.

      • Publishing top-quality photography of the city isn’t a priority for our newspapers. Compared to a city like New York, Chicago does little to cultivate a complex public image of itself and what it’s really like to be here. Much of what I see is touristy and doesn’t go very deep.

        Just one woman’s view. . . . I know nothing about Instagram–maybe there I would find what seems to be missing.

      • I actually like the fact that Chicago keeps itself “buttoned up.” Gives me reason to take more photots… 😉

        As stated, Instagram won’t satisfy your interest.

      • Me, too, in a way.
        Bye for now,

    • And thank you for appreciating my photos.

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