Sur la table

I almost photographed the Apple storefront last night, but instead I opted for this rain-soaked table. I didn’t have time for two subjects, but while waiting outside the building this jumped out at me. It reminded me of two things: 1) the backside of a brand new dime, and 2) Paris. Not that you’d see this table in a cafe or anything, but maybe in a shop window along one of the avenues you might find it. I noticed a lot of silver in Paris.

I distinctly remember needing help ordering at the table while in Ile-de-France. One such episode dealt with tipping a waitress. I asked a man at the next table what he’s suggest. He felt I should give her less than half of the five Euros I was considering leaving. I had no change, so five euros it was. As I laid the coin flat on the table I looked up at the man. He gave me this accepting wave like I hadn’t done too much, and then he said, “Two is good. Five… some for next time.” He was saying I left her enough to cover at least two meals.
Sur la table
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5 Comments to “Sur la table”

  1. Excellent B & W. Very good design elements for visual balance. Nice.

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