A photo should hurt

As the sun rose it formed this laser beam that you couldn’t look at for more than a moment or else have it burned into your retinas. It was almost disappointing that you had to look away, because the color started right there in the reflective water. Looking up was easy, because the oranges and blues kind of melted together in an enjoyable way. Looking down you were more rewarded, and it hurt. What’s amazing is staring at that portion of the photo, if you then look away, the light burns into your vision. It isn’t nearly as intense as the real thing, but it’s there. Try it. Hold your gaze there for 10 seconds, and then look into the pinky blue. A greenish yellow stain goes with you.

I think a good photo has a similar emotional quality to it as the overpowering light. It should impact you immediately in a way that you don’t want to turn away. Ever. My wide lens bent the edges of the horizon down. I straightened it at first, and then went back to the original. There’s something about bending a photo to your perception that makes this feel appropriate.
A photo should hurt
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