The nave corridor

Disestablishmentarianism is a long, silly word, one my dad taught me when I was a kid. It applies to this photo in a way. During his reign, Henry VIII dissolved many religious institutions connected to Western Roman Catholicism for political and personal reasons. Kirkstall Abbey was one of those disestablished by Henry. The history of such matters is rather lengthy and awesome and available elsewhere, so I’ll focus on the few bits of amazing about this place that I learned while standing inside of it. First, a road went through the abbey for a time, meaning anyone coming in or out of Leeds along this way had to travel through the length of the old church to get to where they were going. You could stand in this corridor and peak you head out into the nave and watch horses and buggies and such go by. Outstanding. Second, the hometown Kaiser Chiefs played a rock concert here. Third, and finally, the roof is gone except for in these corridors, so although I appear to be inside taking this photo, I’m outside, and it’s raining.
The nave corridor
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