Season over – Corner of The Cell

The Cubs lost No. 100 tonight. The White Sox won, but they still got eliminated from postseason play. Baseball ends in two days. Not the playoffs, you’ll say. They begin shortly after the end of the regular season, but for me they hardly exist. I’m a regular season kind of person. I love the process. The playoffs are a completely different game made of far too many off days and three-man rotations, which isn’t the same as those 162 evenings and afternoons, and mornings on Patriots Day in Boston. It’s just not the same. I miss April already. You’re bored with this rant. Let’s move on.

I’m at a luxury to always have better seats than these. See the third base dugout? I’m usually just up the line from there and can see into the dugout. Or I’m up underneath that yellow band of light on the right field side even with first base. It’s pretty good. I’m lucky. I know it, and yet I can still sense that I take it for granted a little tiny bit. One day I’ll definitely miss it in a way. I came up here in the corner to get distance from the third-to-last row. When baseball ends it’s like this, so far away from spring.
Season over - Corner of The Cell
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